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Special Session on Training in Bioinformatics - SSTB 2012
Call for Papers

Pedro Fernandes
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
All papers accepted in Special Sessions will be included in the conference proceedings and indexed.

In Bioinformatics, training (the acquisition of specialised skills) is provided in stand-alone courses, workshops and summer courses. Practical hands-on courses can cut time/effort by a factor of 4 to 6 compared to self-tuition. However, efficient training requires tuned methodologies. The availability of such training events is still relatively scarce. Moreover, the work and cost involved in organising them is often underestimated, so care should be taken to optimise and advertise them well.

Training clearly plays an important role. The interdisciplinary character of Bioinformatics constantly creates new needs. Many of these needs occur at different stages of the traditional research career, often during PhD or Postdoctoral projects, but also at more senior levels. As Biology continues to transition into an information-based science, the need for training at all levels will continue to grow.
This special session proposes to bring together opinion-makers in the field in order to promote vigorous discussions on:

- Methodologies of Training
- Layout of Training Plans (Roadmaps)
- Deployment of Training Content using IT
- Documentation
- Planning on a Multi-country Scale

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